Selected passages from 

The Law of Fiduciary Duties 

by Rafael Chodos


It is difficult to appreciate a fine lawbook without actually reading it.  Anyone can see how complete the coverage is by simply scanning the table of contents, but to find out whether the text is well written and will be a joy to read, to see whether the book will add to your understanding of the law, and whether it will enhance your love of the law (something this author takes very seriously) you need to read a few passages.

If you read through the following sample sections of the book you will get some idea of what makes this book unique.

The notion of "loyalty" has two aspects.  Here is the first part of Mr. Chodos' discussion of this important ethical notion, with fascinating hypothetical cases that get to the heart of the issue. Sec3_8.PDF
And here is his discussion of the second aspect, with careful citations to the decided cases. Sec3_18.PDF
Here is an interesting discussion of the fiduciary's duty to put the interests of the beneficiary ahead of his own, even when no financial interests are involved. Sec3_17.PDF
And here is the author's discussion of the Statute of Limitations as it applies in fiduciary settings - beginning with an original and very clear account of such statutes in general Sec7_10.PDF
Every time a case is mentioned, there is a clear summary of it in the Appendix.  At the beginning of the summary, there are pointers and links to all the places in the book where the issues discussed in this case are mentioned.  On the CD, you can link from the text to the summary and then to other parts of the text - deep-sea diving through the information.  Here is one example. Vai.PDF
Some of the case summaries are intentionally humorous -  but all of them are clear as a bell.  Look at this one, arising out of an ill-fated love affair between an attorney and his client.  Note also that the procedural posture of every case (decided on demurrer, summary judgment, jury verdict, bench trial, etc.) is stated, helping you to assess quickly the potential application of each case to the issue you are briefing. BarbaraA.PDF

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