The Law of Fiduciary Duties

by Rafael Chodos, Esq.

Table of Contents - Partial

The hardcover copy of the book is 1596 pages long.  The book consists of the author's exposition of the law (501 pages), followed by statutory authorities, then case authorities.  Additional reference materials are included: a Glossary right after the exposition, a table of secondary authorities, what the author calls "tertiary authorities" (three fairy tales), and an alphabetical table of cases.

    To appreciate the comprehensive coverage of the topic, and also to see why fiduciary duties are so central to our civil law, take a moment to open the following Adobe Acrobat(tm) files.   If you do not have the necessary reader, just follow the link at the bottom of this page to download it - it's free, and very useful.

    Note:  The CD allows you to expand and contract the Table of Contents to the level that interests you: expand to the SECTION level for a gross overview, to the SUBSECTION level for more detail, and to the SUBSUBSECTION level for full detail.  

    Following is a printout of the Table of Contents for the entire book at the SECTION level only, showing the overall structure.


    Following is a printout down to the SUBSECTION level, but just for the Exposition (not the authorities or appendices), to give a better idea of the subjects covered in the text.   



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