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The Carnevalis of Eusebius Asch, by Peter Gimpel (c) 1999

Paperback, 238 pages

From Red Heifer PressISBN 0-9631478-1-1

In this remarkable book the inner life -- the life of the growing mind and the questing spirit -- is portrayed with enormous intelligence, humor, and warmth.  The author writes about music, philosophy, ethics, religion, and the history of ideas, and weaves all these important themes into a dazzling fabric which is at once substantial and ethereal. 

If you can read this book without crying, or if you can read it without smiling, or if you can read it without feeling enriched, please let us know how you did it!

$17 with tax, shipping, and handling.


The Jewish Attitude Towards Justice and Law, by Rafael Chodos (c) 1984

Paperback, 101 pages

Distributed also by E.J. Brill Booksellers, Leiden, The Netherlands, ISBN 0-9613346-0-6

    In this passionate book, Mr. Chodos outlines a new way of thinking about the origins of the Western notions of Justice and Law.  He traces those ideas from their beginnings in ancient Egypt, through Greece and Rome, and then into the Jewish communities of the Alexandrian age.  Along the way, he offers new readings of some of the most familiar passages of the Bible, and a view of Judaism as a mystery religion, in the style of the Alexandrian mysteries.  He arrives at the conclusion that Judaism is the last surviving mystery religion, that Justice is its central mystery, and that Law is its techne, or secret art.

    The attitudes identified in this book, are expressed and applied in Mr. Chodos' treatise on the law of fiduciary duties, which we offer here.


Let us know how you did it!